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Miranda on Chatty Man! (x)


Miranda on Chatty Man! (x)


How to fix your earphone issues by Miranda.


"Is this like… forever?"


"You’re very pretty."

"Am I? You’re magnificent."


Perkins pic of the day :) 22/07/14


Perkins pic of the day :) 22/07/14


"You’re gonna stay tonight?"


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"Chummy (CTM), Miranda (from Miranda), Stevie (Miranda), Joanne (Unforgettable), Cynthia (CTM), Penny (Miranda), Sister Evangelina (CTM), Caroline (LTIH), Daisy (NGO), Barbara (NGO)" by justletyourmindgo

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Try and guess my top ten favorite female tv characters!


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otp meme - 2/5 gazing at each other scenes: 

↳ Last Tango in Halifax: Caroline Elliot & Kate McKenzie


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Mel Did you actually do auditions?
Paul Yeah, yeah. I was outside, with six guys and they all looked like me.
Sue The thing is, it was only these two [Mary and Paul] who had that raw sexual animus. There was a bristling will-they-won’t-they vibe. It’s one of the great ongoing romances of the 21st century.
Anna Straight away they gelled. They got on, and had a different approach.

Sue Perkins wanders in from the floor and stares over the shoulder of Becca, who is testing a forthcoming technical recipe. “Sue’s a very good baker,” Becca says. Sue nods slowly. “I made a treacle cake back here recently. Basically I annoy the shit out of them. Or help out as I call it.” She tells me she made brownies for the crew during one previous shoot. “Although essentially when I’m in here I’m asking one question which is what is this and how can I eat it?”

You should go and read the interview in the second link because they talk about how Mary says she “loves the taste of plums in her mouth”  and lots of other stuff like

What’s the downside to such a successful series?

Mel There’s only a certain amount of puns you can make about buns.
Sue We started with double entendres about rings and tarts and buns and then you get to the single entendre where you are literally just going round and saying that looks like a penis.